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Gun Hill formed in January 1994, and after extensive rehearsals performed their first Gig in April ‘94.

Playing just three times a month as originally planned , accelerated very quickly to between 12 and 14 gigs , due to their increasing popularity.

Gun Hill has steadily built up a reputation in England , with their bluesy rock style of music which is based on the powerful vocals of ex-Uriah Heep frontman John Lawton. Playing covers including songs from Whitesnake and Paul Rogers to Melissa Etheridge, they have also introduced some of their own original material to their live set.

Incorporating the strong vocals of bass player Neil Kavanagh and guitarist Brian Bennett, they have one of the most outstanding front-line vocals around. New kid on the block, drummer Chris Jones, completes the line up with his attacking style.

In June ‘97 their first CD "Nightheat" was released, which features most of their live set including their original material.

The CD can be ordered by contacting Gun Hill via e-mail, address:

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Gun Hill have toured Europe twice, just returning from a successful three-week tour of Germany and Switzerland in July ‘97. They are preparing for another Swiss/German stint to take place from October 11-18th 1997. For German tours, session keyboardist Roger Stoetzlar (member of Stay On Top) became valuable addition to the band's sound.

However, guitarist Brian Bennet left the band in September 98 because of his personal life circumstances. He was replaced with Dave Ross who helped the band to play UK and German tour gigs, but didn't stayed in band after it. Just to make things more exciting, drummer Chris Jones left the band in November 98. New members: guitarist Reuben Kain and drummer Clive Vick were adopted in January 99, albeit Clive wasn't able to fully rehearse with the band due to his personal reasons and currently Gun Hill uses help of session drummer Justin Shefford. So now band returned to it's, as usual, extensive touring schedule.

watch out for "night heat" here!

the name

John Lawton explains:

How we came to choose the name "Gun Hill"?

Driving around to several country pubs, to see and listen to the "opposition" while forming Gun Hill, we passed through a little village in Sussex, south of England, with the name Gun Hill. And that was it!!

We had been thinking about group names for a while, but didn't come up with anything we thought was right. But 'Gun Hill" fitted the bill.


  1. One over the Eight (1995)
    (cassette only, available from UHAS)
  2. Night Heat (1997) new

first lineup

  • John Lawton - lead vocals
  • Mike Raxworthy - keyboards, vocals
  • Rik Robyns - guitars, keyboards
  • Neil Kavanagh - bass, vocals (ex The Enid)
  • Lloyd Coates - drums

past members

current lineup

  • John Lawton - lead vocals
  • Reuben Kain - guitars
  • Neil Kavanagh - bass, vocals

    guest musicians:
  • Roger Stoeltzar, keyboards
  • Justin Shefford - drums

...what happened with a guys from first lineup?


Read here about Gunhill, lineup changes, their setlist and John's views on his current position on musical scene.

John is describing a reasons of choosing songs on "Night heat", remembering recording process, and telling his imressions from summer German tour.

album reviews

"If this band makes it, I'll ... eat my dinner!!!" - Alan Hartley (?)

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